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3D ART Cable Weight Display
  • 3D ART Cable Weight Display
  • 3D ART Cable Weight Display
  • 3D ART Cable Weight Display

3D ART Cable Weight Display


Ceiling to floor cable weight to prevent hanging art from moving without floor fittings. no more drilling into floor just simple hang weights at the end of the cables. Weighs are 500 grams each. Size 7.5cm diameter and 1.5 cm height. Next-day delivery available


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  • Use our cable weight where you don't want to fix the cable to the floor.
  • Use this steel wire rope weight to hang from the bottom of the cable or it can rest on the floor.
  • The weight is 500 grams or half Kg and will hold your cables in a straight. Weight size  diameter is 7.5CM or 2.95 Inches & height is almost half inch or 1.5CM.
  • Ceiling to floor 4 meter long cable weight  set. (You can cut the cable to size according to your requirements
  • To create a display, at least 2 of these kits are required to run either side of your poster holders.
  • HEAVY DUTY MADE WITH BRASS & polish chrome. (For satin chrome finish please call.)
  • For bigger quantities and bulk discount please call.)
  • You can use to display Easy access pocket or to suspended foamex or correx boards by using ceiling to floor steel wire rope weight system.
  • This magic fitting help you create any type of display.
  • Cable displays Ceiling to floor Ideal for window displays estate agent displays education sector office displays retail and shop display. 

Easy to install Just follow the following steps:

1) Un tight ceiling part it will split in to 2 pieces. Similarly un tight floor part it will also split in to 2 pieces.

2) Screw Brass part in to the ceiling and tight 2nd part on it so brass would be hidden under the chrome cap.

3) Suspend cable from ceiling part & pass through the hole of weight. Cut the cable to size attach the cylinder at the end of the cable by tightening the cylinder screws.

Weight sit flat on the floor because cylinder has its own grove inside the cable weight.

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