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3D Art Hanging Cable
  • 3D Art Hanging Cable
  • 3D Art Hanging Cable
  • 3D Art Hanging Cable
  • 3D Art Hanging Cable

3D Art Hanging Cable


3D Art Hanging Cable with weight & sliding picture hook. You can cut the cable to size. We can supply clear transparent instead of steel cable on request. With 2 cables one on left & one on right you can hang 30 KG Picture. Next-day delivery available

Material: Clear Perlon Cable

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  • System design for listed buildings where you cannot use screw or nails.
  • Very Easy to use.

1) Loop around the steel cable to any beam pipe or hook on to any exiting hook & drop down.

2) Slide picture hanging hook on steel cable to hang picture on it. You can slide as many as you like the hooks on same cable to hang pictures one above other.

3) Cut the cable to size & attach the cable weight at the end of cable.

Kit includes:

4 meter long steel cable with loop at one end. (Plus key to redo the loop) + 1 Sliding hook+ 1 Cable hanging weight.

You can buy more sliding hooks by calling us. 1 kit in the middle can hold up to 10 kg maximum picture width 50CM (Pl. use cable in the centre of pictures).  2 Kits supports 30 kg maximum Picture size up to 180X 120CM. Please use cables one left one right of picture. System to hang pictures without screwing.

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