Picture Hanging Kit - Moulding Hook Steel Cable kit

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Picture Hanging Kit - Moulding Hook Steel Cable kit

Moulding Hook Steel Cable: An Introduction

Hanging pictures might seem like a task we've all done at some point in our lives. Yet, there's an art and science behind ensuring your cherished memories or pieces of art hang securely and elegantly. Enter the moulding hook steel cable kit. This all-in-one solution promises not just security but also a touch of class to your interiors. And in this guide, we'll unravel every facet of it, ensuring you have a room that's a blend of aesthetics and robustness.

The Variety in Moulding Hooks: A Colour for Every Mood

Diversity is the essence of life, and the moulding hooks available with this kit stand testament to this. Whether you're going for a classic look with white or brass, or aiming for something edgier with black, silver, or nickel, this kit has you covered. Steel and walnut offer their own unique feel to the mix. And hey, if these don't tickle your fancy, fret not! Custom colours can be whipped up just for you on request.

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Affordability Meets Quality

Quality often comes with a hefty price tag. But what if you were told that this robust and elegant solution starts from a mere £3.49? Surprised? That's the magic of the moulding hook steel cable kit. Plus, if you're racing against time, there's next-day delivery available!

Picture Weight and Width – What You Need to Know:

The kit has been designed with utmost precision, keeping in mind the diverse requirements of its users. For a picture weighing up to 10 KG and 60CM (24 inches) wide, one kit suffices. But if you're looking to hang a masterpiece that's more than 60CM wide and weighs up to 20 KG, you'd need two kits. Place the cables on either side of the picture for maximum support.Buy Now

Components of the Kit:

A single kit is replete with a moulding hook, a cable, and a sliding hook. These components, when used together, ensure your picture not only hangs securely but also aligns perfectly with your wall.Buy Now

Installation Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide

 It might sound like a jigsaw puzzle, but installing the picture using the moulding hook steel cable kit is as easy as 1-2-3! Here's a quick guide:

  1. Hooking onto the Moulding: Begin by placing the hook onto the moulding. Make sure it's snug and secure.
  2. Introducing the Cable: Once the hook is in place, suspend the cable from it. This will act as the primary support for your picture.
  3. Sliding the Picture in Place: Slide in the hook into the cable, and voila! Your picture is now ready to grace your wall.


Why choose the moulding hook steel cable kit?

The moulding hook steel cable kit offers a blend of aesthetics, robustness, and versatility, ensuring your pictures hang securely and elegantly. Buy Now

Can I customize the colours of the hooks?

Absolutely! While the kit comes with a plethora of colour options, you can always request custom colours tailored to your needs.Buy Now

How many kits do I need for larger pictures?

For pictures more than 60CM wide and weighing up to 20 KG, you'd need two kits.Buy Now

Is the installation process complicated?

Not at all. The process is as easy as hooking onto the moulding, suspending the cable, and sliding the picture in place.Buy Now

What if I have Victorian mouldings at home?

No worries! The kit is compatible with almost all types of Victorian mouldings, picture rails, dado rails, and even straight partition walls.Buy Now

Are there any additional costs for next-day delivery?

There might be nominal charges for expedited delivery. It's best to check with the supplier for specifics.Buy Now

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