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Art Folder-Artwork The Polylite Case A4, A3, A2, A1
  • Art Folder-Artwork The Polylite Case A4, A3, A2, A1

Art Folder-Artwork The Polylite Case A4, A3, A2, A1

  • Crafted from corrugated double-layer poly lite material for exceptional durability
  • Lightweight design for ease of transportation without compromising strength
  • Weatherproof and fluted portfolio case providing reliable protection for artwork
  • Stylish black locks included across all sizes for added security
  • Thermoplastic handles for secure and convenient carrying of documents
  • Available in A1, A2, A3, and A4 sizes to cater to various artistic needs
  • Art folder designed for artists on the go, combining practicality with a sleek and stylish design.
Size: A4
Color: Black

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  1. Stylish Black Locks:

    • All sizes feature stylish black locks, adding a touch of elegance to the design.
  2. Durable Thermoplastic Handles:

    • The thermoplastic handles are crafted from synthetic material, ensuring durability and a comfortable grip.
  3. Poly Lite Case:

    • The case is made up of corrugated double-layer poly lite material, providing enhanced protection for your art.
  4. Weatherproof Fluted Material:

    • Utilizes weatherproof fluted material, offering resistance against various weather conditions to keep your art safe.
  5. Acid-Free Construction:

    • The art folders are acid-free, creating a safe environment for your drawings, sketches, prints, coursework, etc., and preserving their quality over time.
  6. Versatile Storage:

    • Designed for carrying and storing drawings, sketches, prints, coursework, and more, offering versatility for artists.
  7. Under-Bed Storage:

    • The carry cases can be conveniently stored under the bed, functioning as a large drawer that can be easily pulled in and out for easy access.
  8. Multipurpose Use:

    • In addition to carrying art, these cases can be used as a practical storage solution for organizing various art supplies.
  9. Cost-Effective PVC Carry Case:

    • These carry cases are cost-effective and made from less expensive PVC material, catering to the budget constraints of students, young artists, and those just starting out in their professional journey.
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