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Shelf Clamp Double
  • Shelf Clamp Double
  • Shelf Clamp Double
  • Shelf Clamp Double

Shelf Clamp Double


Shelf Support for 6MM 8MM 10MM thick Glass. 

Cable displays double shelf support is used when 2 pieces of glass need to be connected by using one cable. 

Standard shelf support work With 1.5mm & 2mm Thick steel wire rope. Next-day delivery available

Panel Thickness : 6 mm

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  • Support for Cable display hanging shelves. Used vastly with shop window hanging shelf system.
  • With this clamp you attach two shelves with one cable in the middle.
  • These clamps allow you to save cables and space by using one cable instead of 2 cables.
  • You need 2 supports to join 2 glass or acrylic shelves..
  • Work with up to 10mm thick glass or acrylic.
  • Work with up to 2mm Thick steel or plastic cable/wire.
  • You can use with ceiling to floor or wall to wall fittings.
  • 2 double shelves supports clamps required to join 2 shelves with one steel wire rope in the middle . No more holes in the Glass. You can add and remove shelves in suspended shelf system without un screwing. Just slot in the cable and tighten the screw. This support even allows you to add new shelves between two existing shelves without removing or even disturbing the things on top and bottom shelves.
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