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3D ART Hanging Captain Hook 40 KG
  • 3D ART Hanging Captain Hook 40 KG

3D ART Hanging Captain Hook 40 KG

  • Heavy Duty Self Locking Captain Hook can be used up to 40KG works with 1.5MM Steel cable.
  • Captain hook is the first choice which is made up of solid Brass & Steel,when you are looking for reliable hook.

Size of the captain hook is 70MM height x 12MM width.


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  • Heavy Duty Captain Hook is made up of high quality brass & solid steel.
  • To hang 40 KG pictures with 2 cables one on left & one on right, ART Hanging Captain Hook is most suitable.
  • This captain hook works with almost all types of art galleries pictures hanging systems.
  • This captain hook is very easy to use as you just have to push through the cable from top & take out from the bottom.
  • When you release the top after getting your required position on cable the self-locking system automatically locks the hook on cable,to slide the hook up or down just push the top & slide the hook.
  • It will  work with 1.5mm and 2mm steel cable,if hanging rail is strong.

With this Captain picture hanging hook,you can use the following hooks and cables combinations:

  • To hang up to 10 kg Picture up to 2X2 Feet,use one steel wire rope cable in the middle of the picture with 1 Captain Hook.
  • To hang up to 40 kg Picture up to 6X4 Feet in size.use 2 steel wire rope cable cables one left one right of the picture with Captain hook . (If rail or anchor from where you are suspending is strong). 

Size  of the captain hooks 70MM height x 12MM width.

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