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Wire Rope Steel Loop 2mm
  • Wire Rope Steel Loop 2mm
  • Wire Rope Steel Loop 2mm

Wire Rope Steel Loop 2mm

  • As it is tested with 50KG or 100 LB weight so it is extra heavy duty screw Loop 2mm thick steel cable .
  • Cable can be cut in to any size with wire cutter or fold behind the picture.
  • To change the loop size or to loop around beams & brass rods,you can unscrew the loop maker .
Dimension: 1 meter

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  • It is a extra heavy duty wire rope steel loop 2 MM, also available in 1.5 mm, 3 mm and 4mm.
  • This extra heavy duty Screw steel rope Loop is ideal for any type of hanging specially for plants decoration lights hanging.
  • It is reusable & easy to store so it is vastly used in expo shows & very popular with exhibition organiser because.
  • By buying extra loop makers to hang very heavy lights & boards,you can make loops at both ends .
  • By using 2 cables one on left & one on right,you can hang 100 KG or 80 LB boards .

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