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Steel cable Wire rope Tensioner Kit
  • Steel cable Wire rope Tensioner Kit
  • Steel cable Wire rope Tensioner Kit

Steel cable Wire rope Tensioner Kit


ensioner fixing for cable Display system. Work with up to 3MM steel cable Wire rope. Complete cable Tension Kit ready to use. Next-day delivery available


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  • A tensioner fixing kit is used to join 2 cables & make them tight.
  • These tensioners are mainly used in cable displays.
  • Tensioners allowed you to cut the cables to size & make them tight.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MADE WITH BRASS & polish chrome finish.
  • Ideal for suspended shelves and plastic Acrylic pocket/panel with steel cable. (For bigger quantities and bulk discounts please call.)
  • You can use it to display an Easy-access pocket or suspended ceiling to floor shelves.
  • These magic fittings help you create any type of display. Cable displays Ceiling to floor Ideal for window displays estate agent displays education sector office displays retail and shops display.
  • Easy to install Just follow the following steps.

1) Untighten the tensioner & split it into 2 pieces.

2) Insert one cable from the top part tensioner hole & attach the cylinder at the end of the cable after spring by tightening the screw.

3) 2ND cable you insert from the bottom whole of tensioner by tightening the screw.

4) Lastly, screw the top & bottom part of the tensioner to make the cable tight. Spring inside the top part of the tensioner gives tension to the cable and make the cable straight & tight.

5) These tensioners can be used with verticle & horizontal cables.

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