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Clear Cable for Cliprail
  • Clear Cable for Cliprail
  • Cliprail Clear Cable for picture hanging
  • clear perlon cable for picture hanging

Clear Cable for Cliprail


Suspended Cliprail Clear Cable Suitable for all types of clip rails mini rail. With this new design transparent see-through cord cable, you can add remove from any point of rail. Weight Capacity 10KG per cable with 2 cables you can hang up to 15KG or 30LB picture. Invisible clear cable is suitable for hanging pictures without showing suspended cable. This transparent cable will merge with your interior and not noticeable from distance.   

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Length: 1 meter

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Our best selling product Cliprail cable with Clear Perlon (transparent cable) is made very easy to manage art galleries. With this new cliprail hanging systems also allow you to hang pictures one above another by sliding extra hooks on the same cable or hang new picture between two existing hanging pictures on the wall by suspended new cable in the middle from the clip rail. These new fittings available in the market from different manufacturers some called Cobra some called Twister vertical cable etc but purpose & use of all cables are same.

The following hooks and cords can be used in combination with this picture hanging system.

Use one clip rail cable in the middle of the picture with 1 Smart mini Hook to hang up to 10 kg Picture up to 2X2 Feet.

Use 2 clip rail cables one left one right of the picture with Zipper hook to hang up to 15 kg OR 30LB Picture up to 6X4 Feet in size.


perlon cable clear picture wire Cable Slider Clear perlon 

invisible cable to hang pictures

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