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Cobra Hanger Clear
  • Cobra Hanger Clear
  • Cobra Hanger Clear

Cobra Hanger Clear


Cobra Perlon Hanger or Cobra with clear transparent nylon cable. Cobra Hanger Clear work with all types of clip rail & mini rail. Next-day delivery available

Size: 1meter

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  • Suspended Clip-rail hanger Suitable for all types of clip rails mini-rail & artiteq click rails U rail ceiling system..
  • With cobra hanger you can add remove from any point of rail.
  • Weight Capacity 10KG per cable with 2 cables you can hang up to 15KG or 30LB picture
  • These add & remove new fittings available in the market from different manufacturers in different designs some called Cobra some called Twister vertical cable etc but purpose & use of all cables are same .
  • The following hooks and cords can be used in combination with this picture hanging system.
  • Use one cobra hanger cable in the middle of picture with 1 Smart mini Hook to hang up to 10 kg Picture up to 2X2 Feet.
  • Use 2 cobra hangers one left one right of picture with Zipper hook to hang up to 15 kg OR 30LB Picture up to 6X4 Feet in size.
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