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Artwork Archival Box White
  • Artwork Archival Box White
  • Artwork Archival Box White
  • Artwork Archival Box White

Artwork Archival Box White


High Quality Artwork Archival Box White Acid Free 50MM deep Stock Sizes A2, A3, A4. We can also provide custom size & colour boxes for details please CALL on 02079986911. Next-day delivery available

Size: A2

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Acid free Archival Box & Sleeves. Heavy Duty 50mm-deep Archival box.

A2 Archival Box internal dimensions 64cm X 45.5cm X 5cm

A2 Archival Box Outer dimensions 65cm X 55.5cm X 6cm

A3 Archival Box internal dimensions 46cm X 33cm x 5cm

A3 Archival Box outer dimensions 47cm X 34cm x 6cm

A4 Archival Box internal dimensions 34cm x 24cm X 5cm

A4 Archival Box internal dimensions 35cm x 25cm X 6cm

The Archival Box is a beautifully made Heavy duty , 50mm-deep box vastly used in art galleries.

It’s sturdy yet portable, and because it’s acid-free is a safe place to archive all your artworks.

It’s finished in 6oz white canvas and made in the classic clam-shell design.

The Archival Box is an elegant and secure way to store drawings, prints, photographs or other documents.


 A2 archival Box Acid Free, A3 archival Box Acid Free, A4 archival Box Acid Free, With A2 archival Sleeves Acid Free, A3 archival Sleeves Acid Free, A4 archival Sleeves Acid Free.

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