Heavy Duty J Rail Hanging System

J Rail is a heavy duty hanging system; that is a more straight forward, and robust edition within our range. The rail and hangers can be painted to match your walls. You can also use J shape rail without holes. Heavy Duty J-Rail System Wall Mounted simple & easy to use. Profile Size 19 X7X 9(Front lip) MM.Solid Aluminium Rail which can take up to 80 KG per meter (If wall is strong). Easy to fit, First install the rail on top the wall, suspend clear cable, steel cable or 4mm solid steel square rod from the rail. Slide picture hooks in to cables/rods to hang pictures on it. You can hook on the cable from any point of the rail so it means you can hang new picture between two existing hanging pictures on the wall by suspending new cable in the middle from the rail you. Rail comes in 2 & 3 Meter lengths and can be cut to size with hacksaw.

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