Midi Folding Print Browser Steel Black


Midi Folding Browser Steel Black.


  • Its a heavy duty which is made up of Tubular steel.
  • This print browser is very practical and  light weight, with one move you can fold and unfold.
  • Its easy to transport and can fit small car.
  • This print browser can take 10 double sided sleeves up to A1 size.So it means this browser can accommodate 20 prints at time. (You can put even more prints if you use un stitched thin sleeves).
  • It is ideal for shows and exhibitions.
  • This print browser provides you excellent designs which give your customer full view of poster when they browse the prints inside the browser.It makes easy for them to take out any print out from middle and put it back again.

Pack flat box size around 100X 70X 20CM.  Height : 100cm Length : 56 cm Opening : 36cm Tray Width : 11cm.

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