Gridwall Picture Hanger

  • Our Grid wall Picture Hanger is a easy way to hang pictures on grid walls mesh or up to 4mm thick panels or rails/rods.
  • Grid wall Picture Hanger is available in White, Silver & black colours.
  • Please contact us for Custom Colours.
  • Dimensions of the Grid wall Picture hanger is 30MM height X 10MM width X 15MM depth.

  • Gridwall Picture Hanger is a very easy to use with in no time you can hang picture.
  • To hang picture on it just hook on hanger at any point of grid wall.

Gridwall Picture Hanger works with both type of frames

  1. With picture cord at the back to hang.
  2. D-ring at the back to hang picture.You hook over the cord or D-ring on grid wall hanger in both cases.
  • By using coat hangers you can hang clothes on grid wall.
  • You need one Hanger and apply cable in the middle of picture for 1.5 Feet or 18 Inches wide picture. 
  • You need 2 Hangers and you will apply one on left and one on right of picture for more than 1.5 feet wide pictures.
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