Wire Rope Loop Eye Maker

  • High Quality Loop maker made up of brass & chrome finish for steel and transparent wire.
  • Wire Rope Loop Eye Maker is Fastener to make security loops.
  • Its an easy way to fastening the valuables from stolen by using these clamps.

  • Its a high quality Loop maker for steel and transparent wire used to hang pictures.
  • For picture hanging with moulding hooks,many art galleries in London UK & people at home used steel wire rope loops.
  • These loop anchors are also used as rope Fasteners & its suitable for 1mm  to 6mm thick steel wire.
  • These loop clamps can also be used with nylon cables and are more reliable THAN wire ferrules.
  • It is also used to make security fasteners.
  • This loop eye maker is used vastly to secure the computer & electric goods by fastening with steel rope.
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