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Suspended Glass Shelves
  • Suspended Glass Shelves
  • Suspended Glass Shelves
  • Suspended Glass Shelves
  • Suspended Glass Shelves
  • Suspended Glass Shelves

Suspended Glass Shelves

  • Suspended Glass Shelving system is used for commercial & domestic use.
  • This elegant design enables you to put very heavy stuff on best looking glass shelves.
  • If wall is strong single shelf can handle weight up to 40KG.

Color: Frosted
Glass Size cm: 150x30
QTY of shelves: 1 shelf

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  • These heavy duty suspended shelves are designed to put very heavy weight.
  • If wall is strong,per shelf capacity would be up to 40KG of split weight. 
  • Suspended Glass Shelving system works with all types of walls brick wall, dry wall, plaster board wall, wooden wall.
  • This wall mounted shelving system includes toughened safety glass with steel wire or rope and brass supports.
  • You can choose the distance between two shelves,in case of suspending shelves one above other.
  • We provide 2 Meter long cable for each side which you can cut into any size.
  • Longer cables can be provided on demand.
  • According to your requirement,you can suspend front cables from wall or ceiling.
  • This system is used to display products on the walls of shops, boutiques, retail stores, outlets.
  • This system is also a part of cable display family which includes steel wire / ropes with shelf supports.
  • It has high quality fittings made with Brass & polish chrome finish.
  • Its easy to install.
  • At required level,screw wall mounted shelf supports in to the wall.
  • Attach shelf support to the front corners of glass shelf.
  • If you will untight the cable fitting, it will split in to 2 pieces.
  • If you cannot screw 6 inches above,screw brass part in to the wall 6 inches above the first shelf or where ever is convenient for you.
  • You can screw this in to the ceiling with screw. Tight chrome part on brass part & suspend cable. You can cut the cable into any size.
  • Slide in the glass shelf to wall mounted shelf supports & tighten the bottom screws.
  • In the end, pass through the cable from the slot of cable shelf support which already attached to the front corners of glass shelf. Tighten the grub screws & cut the extra cable if installing only one shelf.
  • Don’t cut the cable,if you like to put shelves one above other. Install 2ND shelf with wall mounted supports, pass through the cable from front cable shelf supports tighten the grub screw. Similarly,you can install as many as you like shelves one above other & side cables will finish inside the front cable shelf supports of bottom glass shelf.

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