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Click Snap Frame
  • Click Snap Frame

Click Snap Frame

  • Click Snap Frames are made up of Aluminium very light in weight and elegant look wise.
  • Stock Sizes available are A5,A4, A3, A2, A1 and  A0 .
  • Stock Colours available are Silver, White, Black, Blue, Red and Green.
Size: A5
Color: Silver

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  • Snap Frames or Click frames is the easiest way for displaying information or posters.
  • Snap Frames or Click frames are vastly used in business, offices, schools, retail stores leisure centres.
  • With in no time Clip able Click Frames make it easier than ever to replace information/posters.
  • Anti- glare PVC cover makes the frame suitable for indoor & outdoor use.
  • In Front opening click frame, you can add & remove posters/ leaflets without taking off from the wall.
  • The frame clips open allow you to remove current poster & put new with hand on all four sides of frame.
  • Lastly put the clear protective cover back in place and shut the all 4 sides to hold everything in place.
  • The frame i-e 25mm thick in total & 20mm overlap to cover the poster and has a strong grip on poster.
  • The frame has pre-drilled holes available for wall mounting.
  • Each frame has a high quality styrene back panel with a PVC clear Poster Cover which protect the poster or leaflets from water & dust. Please print onto waterproof paper when using outdoors to fully protect your print as this frame is suitable for outdoor use.

Sizes available are:

  • A4 Overall Size.( W)24cm x (H) 33cm Visual Area: (W)19cm x(H)28cm
  • A3 Overall Size.( W)33cm x (H) 45cm Visual Area: (W)27cm x(H)40c
  • A2 Overall Size.( W)45cm x (H) 62cm Visual Area: (W)40cm x(H)57cm
  • A1 Overall Size.( W)62cm x (H) 87cm Visual Area: (W)57cm x(H)82cm
  • A0 Overall Size(W)87cmx(H) 121cm Visual Area:(W)82cm x(H)117cm
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