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Clip Rail Steel Cable
  • Clip Rail Steel Cable
  • Clip Rail Steel Cable
  • Clip Rail Steel Cable

Clip Rail Steel Cable

  • If you use with heavy duty clip rails,Cliprail Steel hanger Cable is designed to hang heavy pictures up to 40KG.
  • Clip Rail Steel Cable works with all types of clip rail systems mini rail & artiteq click rails.
  • From any point of clip-rail,you can add & remove the clip rail steel cable.
  • It comes in different lengths extra cable which you can fold behind the last picture.
Dimension: 2 meter

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  • Suspended Cliprail Steel Cable work with all types of cliprail mini rail & artiteq click rail picture hanging systems.
  • If you use with clip rail, heavy duty Clip rail hanger can hold pictures up to 40 KG .
  • As you can add & remove the cable from any point of clip rail which allows you to add new pictures among the exiting hanging pictures on the wall so it is very popular with art galleries. 
  • By sliding extra hooks on the same cable,these clip rail cables allow hanging pictures one above others.
  • Clip rail cables are manufactured by different companies which are known as cobra and twister with vertical steel cables. 

In combination to hang pictures with Cliprail Steel Cable hanging system,the following hooks and cables can be used:

  • To hang up to 15 kg Picture up to 2X2 Feet ,use one Cliprail Steel Cable wire rope in the middle of the picture with 1 Smart mini Hook.
  • To hang up to 40 kg Picture up to 6X4 Feet in size,use 2 Cliprail Steel Cable wire rope one left one right of the picture with captain hook.
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