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Smart Mini Hook 10KG
  • Smart Mini Hook 10KG

Smart Mini Hook 10KG

  • Smart Mini Hook is top selling  Mini Hook for picture posters banners hanging.
  • Smart Mini Hook is suitable for pictures up to 10 KG work with perlon nylon clear cord & Steel wire rope cable up to 2MM thick.
  • With grove at the back & poster hangers with the eye,this mini hook is ideal for hanging poster, paper gripper, banners with a hole, frames.

Size of the smart mini hook is 32MM height X 20MM width.


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  • This smart mini hook is suitable for pictures up to 10 KG which is ideal for hanging posters, banners with a hole, frames with grove, canvas etc.
  • This hook works with 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm steel cable or perlon nylon clear cable.
  • After achieving the right height where you want to hang the picture on cable,it is very easy to use just untighten the side brass screw WITH HAND of smart mini hook & slide into the cable and tighten the screw again with hand.
  • By tightening & untightening the side screw with hand,you can slide up or down the smart mini hook 
  • This smart mini hook is an essential part of art galleries hanging system.

With this Smart Mini picture hanging hook,you can use the following hooks and cords combinations.

  • To hang up to 5 kg Picture up to 2X2 Feet,use one perlon ( Nylon clear cable ) or steel cable in the middle of the picture with 1 Smart mini Hook.
  • To hang up to 10 kg Picture up to 6X4 Feet in size,use 2 perlon (Nylon clear cable or steel cable) one left one right of the picture with a smart mini hook.

Size of the Smart mini hook is 32MM height X 20MM width.

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