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J Rail Hanging Rod 4MM
  • J Rail Hanging Rod 4MM
  • J Rail Hanging Rod 4MM

J Rail Hanging Rod 4MM

  • J-Rail 4MM Square Steel Hanging Rod comes in White,Silver and Black Plain Steel Gold .
  • For J-rail P-rail, C-rail comes in  sizes from 5 Meter to 3 Meter.
  • J Rail Hanging Rod 4MM is used for up to 100 KG pictures.
Color: White
Dimension: 1 meter

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  • Picture Hanging Rod is suitable For J-rail,P-rail and C-rail.
  • Stock Sizes available are 1 Meter,1.5 Meter,2 Meter, 2.5 Meter and 3 Meter.
  • Colours available are White,Silver and Black.
  • You don't need ladder to move rods left to right as these are rigid rods which you can hook on at any point of rail from floor.
  • With these rods,you can hang up to 100 KG Picture or mirror .
  • These rods also are mostly used with security system or theft delay system.

According to your requirement,we can also make different shape rods .

For Custom Made sizes and colours please contact us.

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