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Hanging Paper Rail Kit
  • Hanging Paper Rail Kit
  • Hanging Paper Rail Kit
  • Hanging Paper Rail Kit
  • Hanging Paper Rail Kit

Hanging Paper Rail Kit

  • Hanging Aluminium Paper Rail Kit has 3 Meter Long Steel cable which can be cut into any size.
  • Rail profile Size is 50X21 MM which comes in White, Silver & black colours.
Color: White
Dimension: 0.5meters

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  • We are providing suspended cables to use with clip rail j-rail loops which are used for moulding picture rail, exhibition panels, poles or with fixed ceiling fixing.( please put in comments section how do you like to use so we can provide suspended cables accordingly).
  • Suspended Aluminium Paper Rail is used to hang or display papers, card boards leaflets, posters order tickets etc.
  • 0.5 Meter to 2 Meter wide kits are specially designed for the situation where you cannot screw into the wall or even no wall exit like in the middle of the room or above the order packing counter ware houses, workshop or in the Kitchen.
  • At the end of suspended cable with loop anchor each suspended cable has a loop.
  • Around screw pole beams etc loop anchor allows you to do & redo loop.
  • On required height by tightening the screw you can slide paper rails up or down along the cables & fixed.
  • Inside the last rail cables will be finished.
  • Kits come with 3-meter long steel cables which you can cut into any size.
  • Paper rail WHITE with profile Size 50X21 MM is available.
  • Creating a handy clamping mechanism,the rail contains glass marbles, which press against the paper.
  • Without any damage to the paper,you can slide drawings, announcements, and photos into the rail with a single move and remove them again.
  • It is simple to use just push the paper to hang on the rail and pull out to remove.
  • It is very easy to install just attach loop with any screw, pole, beam, moulding picture rail or J-rail, Clip-Rail, P-rail, C-rail U-rail hanging systems to suspend cables with rail & start using.
  • Hanging Paper Rail Kit is used to display papers and card boards up to 3mm thick.It is used for all types of notes papers card boards documents, drawings, posters, sketches, recipes, order to pack, your important tasks or things to do today, appointments.
  • This paper kit is ideal for student work hanging in the classrooms.
  • When you use as order ticket holder hanging orders above the packing desk.
  • Many restaurants are using the kitchen counter to hang order tickets.

For CUSTOM COLOUR & SIZE KITS OR any information please call us at 02079986911 OR 07946655177

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