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cliprail max
  • cliprail max

cliprail max

  • Its a heavy duty cliprail max.
  • Its profile size is 32 X 8.2 MM.
  • Cliprail max weight capacity is 25 KG per meter.
  • It is available in 2 Meter & 3 Meter Lengths & can be cut into any size with hacksaw as required.
  • Clip-Rail MAX Track Stock Colours available are White, Silver, Black.

For other custom colours please contact us.

Color: White
Dimension: 2 meter

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  • Cliprail max Gallery Hanging System.
  • cliprail max is a hanging solution for all type of artwork framed, unframed, foam boards, canvases.
  • The Clip-Rail max picture hanging system is the first choice of the perfectionist.
  • The Max Rail comes with a top rim that connects with your ceiling.
  • Your ceiling, wall and hanging system unites with no gap or slot with this system.
  • To create a neat joint which makes the rail less visible, the cliprail max butts up to your ceiling.
  • Clip-rail max system works very well with flat ceilings.
  • You can move pictures left to right, up & down without damaging your walls by screwing with Cliprail System.
  • By sliding extra hooks on the same cable or hang new picture between two existing hanging pictures on the wall by suspended new cable in the middle from the rail,this gallery Hanging systems also allow you to hang pictures one above another.
  • The Clip-Rail max is easy to use, first install the rail on top the wall, suspend clear cable or steel cable from the rail.
  • To hang pictures on it,slide picture hooks in to cables.
  • You can add and remove cables from any point of the rail with New cobra fitting so it means you don't need to slide the cable from one end of the rail.
  • Cliprail picture hanging system also works with staircases or for 45 degree sloping walls.
  • Cliprail wall system can carry loads up to 20 kg per meter.

With this picture hanging system,the following hooks and cords can be used in combination.

  1. Smart mini Hook on cobra or Disc anchor perlon (supports 1 to 5 kg) Picture up to 2X2 Feet. (Cable applied in middle of picture).
  2. Smart mini Hook on cobra or Disc anchor perlon (supports 10 kg) Picture size up to 6X4 Feet.(with 2 cables one left one right of picture)

2 Captain hooks on cobra or Barrel Anchor Steel Cable (supports 25 kg) Picture size up to 6X4 Feet.( 2 Cables one left one right of picture)

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