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Cliprail Pro Extra Heavy Duty
  • Cliprail Pro Extra Heavy Duty

Cliprail Pro Extra Heavy Duty

  • Clip rail pro Extra Heavy Duty system is a hanging system that features a heavy-duty rail for weight up to 45 kg per linear meter.
  • Profile Size of Clip rail pro is 28 X11 MM.
  • The rails are available in white and a natural aluminium, Black colour and customized rails are also available.
  • Rail Comes in 2 Meter & 3 Meter Lengths & can be cut into any size with hacksaw.
Color: White
Dimension: 2 meter

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  • Its a heavy duty Clip Rail Pro wall mounted rail which is used to hang heavy pictures or shelves.
  • Clip Rail Pro is used in art galleries offices houses and exhibitions.
  • Its a heavy duty cliprail pro which has a thick-walled Aluminium rail profile very elegant that can carry up to 45 kg per linear metre.
  • Its a perfect system when heavier works of art need to be hung on a picture hanging.
  • This is a Picture hanging system that looks elegant and attractive.
  • With this system pictures can be moved left to right or up & down, without screwing again & again in to the walls .
  • In between two existing hanging pictures on the rail by adding new cable in the middle with the help of cobra + perlon (Nylon clear cable) or cobra + steel cable,you can also hang pictures one above another by sliding extra hooks in to the exiting cable or hang new picture.
  • You don't need to slide the cable from one end of the rail like in old picture hanging systems and cables can be added or removed from any part of rail with cobra fitting.
  • Cliprail pro System is very easy to install, Screw cliprail extra heavy duty on the wall with the help of mounting clips, drop down cobra or barrel anchor with clear or steel cable.
  • To hang pictures,slide picture hooks in to the cable.
  • Clip-rail pro extra heavy duty also work with 45 degree sloping walls and staircases.

The following  information will tell you about the picture weights sizes and suitable cables.

  1.  Smart mini Hook on cobra perlon or Disc anchor perlon (supports up to 5 kg) Picture up to 2X2 Feet. (Cable applied in middle of picture).
  2.  Smart mini Hook on cobra or Disc anchor perlon (supports 10 kg) Picture size up to 6X4 Feet.(Cables applied one left one right of picture)
  3. Captain hooks on cobra or Barrel Anchor Steel Cable (supports 45 kg) Picture size up to 6X4 Feet.(Cables applied one left one right of picture)
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