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Plaster Rail
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Plaster Rail

  • Plaster Rail can be installed into the wall under the plaster.
  • Profile size of plaster rail is 42 X 11 MM.
  • Plaster Rail comes in 2.4 Meter Length which you can cut to size with hacksaw.
Dimension: 2.5meter

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  • Plaster rail is used for picture hanging systems.
  • This plaster rail is the most minimalist of all type of picture rails.
  • Plaster rail is designed to install into the wall and plasterboard, then plastered over during the building process.
  • To butty the rail ,11MM thick plaster is required.
  • It is very smart system as only this slot would be visible after plastering over the rail.
  • This rail is easy to use, you can add & remove the hook from any point of the rail.
  • Secondly suspend loop + perlon (Clear cable) or Loop+ Steel cable from hook.
  • To hang pictures on it, lastly slide hooks in to these cables.
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