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Self-locking hook
  • Self-locking hook
  • Self-locking hook
  • Self-locking hook

Self-locking hook

  • Self-locking hook Chrome 12.5 KG works with Perlon (Clear Nylon Cable) & Steel wire rope cable up to 2MM thick.
  • Hook size is 30MM TALL & 23MM sticking out from wall.
  • This hook works with frames with grove at the back or banners with eyelet.


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  • Self-locking hook Chrome is a traditional hook with very firm grip on nylon clear cable or steel cable.
  • You can hang up to 20 KG picture by applying one cable& hook on right & one cable & hook on left by using with 2MM steel cable.
  • To use put your finger on left & right  levers with thumb under the front lip.
  • Push the lever down & bring at the bigger part of slot and make some space behind the lever to pass through the cable.
  • Now push through the cable from top & take out from bottom.
  • Hook will automatically lock on the cable when you release the side levers.
  • You need to push down the lever aging & slide the hook to slide hook up or down.
  • In traditional art galleries hanging systems this hook is also called anchor hook.
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