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Self Locking Cable Hook
  • Self Locking Cable Hook
  • Self Locking Cable Hook

Self Locking Cable Hook

  • Self Locking Cable Hook 20kg Security is Tested with 20 KG weight picture with 2 steel cables & 2 hooks, applied one on left & one on right of the picture frame.
  • It works with both steel cable & Perlon nylon clear cable.

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  • Self-Locking Cable Hook is easy to use, Press the top of hook & push through the cable when you release the top lock inside the hook automatically lock the hook on the cable.
  • It is used vastly with gallery picture hanging systems because with this hook you can hang pictures one above and other by sliding extra hook on same cables.
  • Its an essential part of Exhibition panel Picture Hanging, Traditional wood picture moulding Picture Hanging, Brass rods picture hanging system, Marquee decoration cables & picture hanging system, beams picture hanging. Pipe picture hanging etc.
  • With 1 Cable Hook,use one steel cable in the middle of picture to hang up to 10 kg Picture up to 2X2 Feet.
  • With cable hook on each cable,use 2 steel cables one left one right of picture to hang up to 20 kg Picture up to 6X4 Feet in size. (If rail or anchor from where you are suspending is strong)
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