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Paper Clip Anchor
  • Paper Clip Anchor
  • Paper Clip Anchor
  • Paper Clip Anchor
  • Paper Clip Anchor
  • Paper Clip Anchor

Paper Clip Anchor

  • Transparent Paper Clip Anchor is designed to hang papers or posters from any type of clip rail.
  • Paper Clip Anchor works with all types of clip-rails.

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  • Paper hanging was never that easy before.
  • You can hang one above & other several papers or posters.
  • Paper Clip Anchor is very popular with schools to hang student work.
  • This product is used vastly in classroom paper hanging.
  • Just insert the paper or photo in to paper clip anchor & it will grip it as this paper gripper is very easy to use.
  • Just pull out the paper to remove.
  • As it is transparent that's why it is very less visible.
  • This is easy to use & handy as Paper clip anchor can be add & remove from any point of rail.
  • By joining them with paper clip hanger,you can hang new paper between two existing hanging papers or you can attach new paper under an existing hanging paper.
  • It is ideal to hang photos and cards.
  • You can use several next to each other for wider paper sheets .
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