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Magnetic Cable Hanger KIT
  • Magnetic Cable Hanger KIT
  • Magnetic Cable Hanger KIT
  • Magnetic Cable Hanger KIT
  • Magnetic Cable Hanger KIT

Magnetic Cable Hanger KIT


Picture hanging Suspended cable magnet system to hang banners, posters, pictures on steel walls or ceiling. Next-day delivery available

Length: 1m (3.28 Feet)

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Magnet Picture Hanging Kit includes 1 Magnet + 1 cable with loop/eye (As per length is chosen)  + sliding hook.

No More screwing if you have metal in ceiling or wall.Picture hanging Suspended steel cable Kit. Banner poster snap magnet magnetic hanger Suitable for wall & Ceiling.Each cable Kit tested with 5 KG weight when the magnet base fully attached with a thick flat steel surface.Designed to Hang posters banners of any size By using kits after 81 CM.To hang up to A0 portrait size posters you need 2 kits.You can slide hooks up or down along the cable to adjust the poster height.The suspended cables you can cut to size.Very handy to hang anything, plants, flowers decorations lights, lanterns in parties & weddings etc.You can stick the magnet to the steel beam in the wall or ceiling.  Simple & easy way to hang very heavy pictures posters banners without screwing into wall or ceiling

Easy to use just follow the following simple steps. 

1) Stick the magnet to any flat thick steel surface & suspend or drop steel cable by hooking on the magnet hook.

2) Slide picture hanging hook along the cable to achieve the desired height of pictures or posters.

 3) Lastly, hang poster or banner on sliding picture hook. Extra cable after the hook you can cut it down. For up to 12 inches or 30 CM wide poster you need one cable kit which you apply in the middle of the poster for wider posters you need 2 kits or more which you apply after each 81 CM. With this system, you can hang any size poster or banner.

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